About Us

Trash monger is a waste collection and recycling social venture
that focuses on collection and recycling of recyclable waste.
  • Trash monger employs single stream recycling methods to sort waste from source point. Currently, waste is collected from residential estates, waster manufacturing companies, shopping centers, recreational centers and Hotels.
  • In order to ensure the sustainability of our collection system, we buy waste from some of our clients and in some cases provide gifts as rewards for recycling. This study is carried out based on our existing sales pattern and projects.
  • Presently we collect waste from Prince and Princess Estate, Water Manufacturing companies, supermarkets, and scavengers. At the moment we have over 30 waste suppliers and 4 waste recycling companies we supply waste to.
  • We shall be offering comprehensive waste management services to our clients; our model is based on sorting waste at source points and incentives. Our clients will be served based on their characteristic needs, generally we shall engage our clients in sorting their waste into two major components (Wet and Dry), and further sorting shall be done at our sorting and processing facility. Our service comes with a reduction in waste management service charge.

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