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Trash Monger is a youth and community-led social enterprise in the sustainable waste management and environmental service sector in Nigeria. We are duly registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission as a Private Company Limited by shares. We design sustainable waste resource recovery systems based on a community's existing practices and socio-cultural outlook. We collect and recycle waste into sustainable raw materials for manufacturing.

Single stream recycling

Single stream recycling saves over 40% on recycling cost and effort.

Community recycling Hubs

Our community recycling provides easy access to recycling services.

Technology enabled collection

Our incentive based system provides a reward based and seamless process for waste collection and recycling.

Waste Processing

We have sorted and processed an average total of 1050 Metric Tons of recyclable waste .


We currently collect waste and process into clean and sorted bales. We collect and process, plastics, paper/cartons, metals and other recyclable waste materials.

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In the last 2 years, Trash Monger has employed over 300 waste workers to collect, sort and process an average total of 1050 Metric Tons of recyclable waste and the equivalent of over 2000 tons of CO2. Our Activities are creating decent sources of livelihood for hundreds and helping in the fight against climate change and building decent communities.

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Pick up and Drop off Services.

At Trashmonger you can earn while making the environment clean. We run a an incentive-based program which collects recyclable materials (pickup and drop offs) from individuals and businesses and they in return earn rewards.

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+ 234 70 3240 6449